Buying A Car For The Family? Check Out These Tips -

Buying A Car For The Family? Check Out These Tips

Jan. 29, 2021, 12:37 pm.

For some, purchasing a new car is something of a big issue; it's as if they are working on a complex science project of some sort. For others, buying a new car, whatever the reason may be, is always a breeze, packed with excitement and joy.

However, within itself, the process of purchasing a car involves a great deal of thought and the vicissitudes of your perspective.

Having said that, let's consider some points of references to adhere to especially when buying a car for your family.


How many cars can you afford?

The moment you decide to buy a car, be it used or new, ask yourself how much car you can afford? Of course, this may read and sound funny at the first instance, but as Dave Ramsey says, don't opt for a new car unless you're ridiculously rich.

He also suggests that don't even lease your car, if you find yourself face-to-face with that scenario or temptation.


The best approach is to save enough to buy the car you've defined as fit for your family then - and only then - you can begin that process but within your price range.

In its truest sense, you don't necessarily need a new car at any point in time of your life. Unless, of course, you have more than what you can spend, then, by all means go for that latest Humvee in the market.


Define your ideal family car

Everyone has different tastes in just about anything in life, and vehicles are no different. These personal preferences are individually unique and often excite certain factors to come together in forming your very own definition of something.

So strap on your vehicle goggles and let’s consider similar factors when searching for that ideal car for your family. Obviously, you will have to define that car, and your definition will comprise:

  • Size: the first thing that comes to mind when you're thinking of a family car is size. So you ask yourself, how big should you go? You want a spacious car that can facilitate you and your family on the road every time. Imagine the family trips to the village, or a weekend out at black beach, any family trips to wherever and you will have a fair idea of the kind of vehicle to choose.
  • Features: another important element to consider when defining your ideal family car are features. For best results, create a list of all the features you prefer the vehicle should have and start from there.
  • Purpose: this is probably an offshoot of the previous point, and is usually espoused with questions like "will it be a minivan just for the family?", "A Dyna truck to facilitate trips to and from your village?", etc. Once you break this down, every aspect of your goal becomes crystal clear. Nonetheless, you may also factor in gas mileage, trunk size, back seat space, manual or automatic, etc.
  • Additional costs: will you need insurance? How much will it cost? SUVs and other brands, in this case, require extravagant insurance policies, so it's recommended that you verify with your insurance agent the different vehicle make and models, and their corresponding insurance policies. Then there are taxes, dealership fees, and registration fees you need to tick off, and what have you.


Where do you begin?

If you're satisfied with your definition of the ideal family car, you can begin your research depending on where you are and what you have at your disposal. 

  • Online: utilizing Google, visit car dealership websites, or, in order to ascertain different vehicle styles, features, average costs and the like. Don't forget to read reviews, highly important, as they may help you decide if the vehicle you've chosen is worth your time and money.
  • Offline: you can also visit car dealerships in-person if you’re not convinced with what you saw online. Traditionally, visiting car dealers physically remains a tried and true approach if you want the best results.
  • Make a list: once you’ve identified a number of car dealers who just happen to have what you’re looking for, note them down. Even jot down what you admired about the cars you saw - on and offline. This will help you narrow down your list to the features, models and styles that match your research criteria.


Test drive with your family

If you can't decide which car to buy on your list of potentials, take your family along for the test drives. After all, you're buying the car for them, aren't you?

In this case, their opinions will matter. They may even tell you what to check for to ensure safety, which you may have forgotten in the process. Plus they will tell you which cars on your list of potentials make a lot of sense versus the absurd.

Final words

As the saying goes; "You will have to drive a lot of lemons before you find the right car." The moment you come across the car you've dreamed of all this time, you will greatly appreciate the fact that you brought your family along.

Worthy of note, don't be afraid to hurt the salesman's feelings by choosing the one your family voted for, over what the salesman advised.


Happy searching!





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