Mother’s Day with -

Mother’s Day with

May. 6, 2021, 08:54 am.
Mother’s Day with
Incase you lost track of time and need a little reminder; Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9th! What to do? I haven’t had the chance to visit the shops this week. I haven’t done my research to figure out what she needs. What am I getting for mum this year?

Well fortunately you subscribed to PNG’s leading online classifieds, and we’re here to spark some ideas with the items being sold by PNG’s very own sellers! Note that we have over 3,000 items for sale on the website and this article is only scratching the surface of what you could potentially find for mum before Sunday!

To begin your search, I would recommend visiting the “Fashion” category displayed on the top of the website, where you can find dresses, cosmetics, jewellery, and other accessories. 


Oshin Organics

Oshin Organics sell various skincare products manufactured here in PNG and these products revolve around coconut based ingredients. For only K30, you can get a fresh lemongrass scented body wash and scrub from Oshin Organics. Click on their company logo and you will see a range of other products including oil moisturizers, soaps and even peppermint lip balm from Oshin for only K7? Seems like a good pairing opportunity!


Pacificana PNG

Mother’s Day falls on a Saturday and mum may be going to church or a mother’s day luncheon with fellow mums. Surprise her in the morning with a decorative floral hair clip by Pacificana PNG which she can put on for show this mother’s day for only K10! If mother’s day is being spent outdoors, pair it up with Pacificana’s very own Tropikool sunnies which you can find here at here online shop - Pacificana PNG | Marketmeri Shop 


The Pineapple Boutique

Speaking of a luncheon, mum could be trying to decide which dress to wear for mother’s day, and you will find various SME’s or businesses selling meri blouses or thrifty dresses. The Pineapple Boutique stock a variety of beautiful dresses to choose from and for affordable prices! 


With over 52 unique shops on and new items advertised on a daily basis on the website, you are bound to find something suitable for mum this Mother’s Day and with just a few days left, why not inquire with one of the sellers and have something delivered to your doorstep before Sunday and get treat mum with a unique gift!

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