How To Sell Your Car Privately -

How To Sell Your Car Privately

Sep. 11, 2020, 06:43 am.


Just like selling a house, selling your car can be a dreaded affair. But the meat of the matter is it shouldn't be that complicated.


Walk with us through these simple hacks so that you get this whole process imprinted in your DNA.


Guaranteed, you’ll be satiated once you complete these steps.


(Note: you can view the steps in a different order based on your level of experience as a car seller)


1. Staging your car


So, you've decided to sell your car, but without the help of a dealer; you want to go it alone. We get it.


First and foremost, try not to assume anything just yet. Meaning, you must remember that prospective buyers won't be able to see what your car is truly worth under clutter, dirt and that empty Big Rooster pack you relieved it off its contents some time ago.


In fact, prospective buyers will be easily turned off by a messy or filthy car. Now unless your target buyers are scrap metal dealers, you should never overlook this tip. 



Get it fixed. Get it repaired. Whatever it takes, get it cleaned, polished and presentable, so that prospective buyers may be able to see its true value.


Don't forget, first impressions last, and if done thoughtfully, your bright and shiny used car may just get past the threshold of a successful sale.


2. Take good photos


Provided your used car is pristine, both inside and out, get as many photos as you can, from a variety of angles. This will help put your car in the best light possible, and will enable your prospective buyers to easily imagine themselves in the driving seat.


Here’s a tip:


You must include a photo of the odometer, so that it confirms the distance you’ve covered so far.




It tells buyers that you’ve got nothing to hide. It’s a smart move, and one that can help your ad perform well. 



Do you have any special features? Get them in the photos and highlight them. The more detailed your vehicle listing is, the better your chances of getting it sold quickly.


Moreover, take photos fairly up-close, so potential buyers get an idea of the car’s condition. And try to get the entire vehicle in the shot, as well as during good weather conditions.


3. Calculate the pricing


Reality is that there's no such thing as the right price. Ultimately, out of everything else is that you will only settle for just one buyer, regardless. You may come across one, even if you overprice your used vehicle. However, at the moment the car market borders on transparency and elasticity


There are tons of vehicle listings online, available to every kind of used car interest. Imagine the competition that awaits your car?


If you overprice your car, you will put your potential buyer off. if you come up with a lower price, your car may sell quickly but at the cost of losing some money. So the question remains, how do you value your used car?


The idea is to work out an optimal value that will help you convert a potential buyer into a sale, while utilizing a reasonable amount of your time.



The good news is you don't need an expert valuer, car salesman, or a mathematician to help you formulate a method. All you need is common sense and hints of intuition to get you there.


It's as simple as researching the market and identifying the same make-and-models, and at what price they're going for. You can do further research on each one to find out more about the "why", and this will give you an excellent direction on the path that you should thread next.


In other words, you want to know how much do you want to get from your car? Or, how much will the buyer pay for your car?, and so forth.


Online marketplaces’ search tools are good for narrowing down results to find cars very similar to yours. 


Marketmeri lets you search for completed listings, which is ideal for finding out what cars have actually sold for, rather than asking prices.


4. Prepare the ad


At this stage, you're ready to advertise. Now, there are two things you will have to consider here:


1. Where you will advertise

2. How you want your ad to appear


Obviously, well, based on our assumptions, you'll go online to advertise. All good. No problem.


But as a two cents from us, keep in mind that these guidelines apply to all forms of advertising, not just online advertising.


And if you choose Marketmeri, provided you have good quality photos, a clear and concise yet compelling description, CLICK HERE to get the “how to” for posting your ad.


5. Create a description


There are online platforms or websites that generally have auto-fills, such as the car's make and model, and a space that efficiently caters to the car's description. Others, however, the onus is on you to fill out the rest of the details.


With the vehicle’s description, try not to go over the top here, though – buyers don’t want to read an essay – but include some general information about the car’s condition and its history.


6. Be honest with your vehicle's condition



The wear and tear of a vehicle has multiple facets, and not only focuses on the mechanical aspect of it - both interior and exterior damages from dents to scratches to faulty cabin lights can put a strain on your car’s selling price when it's time to sell.


However, you don’t have to acknowledge every odds and ends of wear and tear in the photos; but equally don’t lie about them.


If there’s anything the buyer may need to consider, spell it out in the advertisement. The police won’t be at your doorstep in a blink of an eye if you briefly narrate your vehicle’s service history.


For the sake of a quick and successful sale, be honest!


Additional considerations



  • Whether you're a professional car salesman or a private seller, the selling process is embedded in the sphere of face-to-face transactions.

  • So be willing to meet with prospects and engage in negotiation. Potential buyers typically do a test drive.

  • When speaking by telephone or email, ask that they arrive with their driver’s license and proof of insurance.


Bottom line


Here’s the deal, selling your used car privately has for you and the buyer a win-win opportunity. Chances are you will make a little more and the buyer will save a little more.


The logic is to set your price low enough to attract buyers, but high enough to allow for some negotiation.


But before everything else, make sure your vehicle is cleaned to pristine condition, updated and ready to face its competition.


Happy selling!

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